Jour de l’An cocktail


1 inch slice of crystallized ginger, minced
3 dashes Fee Brothers cranberry bitters
10 cranberries
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 oz Lillet Blanc
1 oz vodka
1 oz POM pomegranate juice

In a cocktail shaker muddle together the minced ginger, cranberries, cranberry bitters and Cointreau. Add ice to the shaker and add Lillet, vodka and POM. Shake well. Fine strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with cranberries and a slice of crystallized ginger.

Happy New Year!

Spanish Grenade


I made a batch of grenadine last weekend and have some Pom to use up. Luckily that’s not a hardship!

1 oz Duff Gordon brandy
1 oz pomegranate juice (Pom)
1/2 oz Lillet Blanc
1/2 oz fine strained fresh lemon juice

Chatelaine cocktail

Chatelaine cocktail (December 9, 2012)

A variation on a Cosmopolitan cocktail. Chatelaine is the name of a Canadian women’s magazine (a lot more recipes; a lot less sex).

1 1/2 oz vodka
3/4 oz pomegranate juice
3/4 oz lemon juice
1/4 oz Cointreau
Generous dash cranberry bitters
Garnish with cranberries

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (March 11, 2012)

We’re calling it “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” although I initially called it “What’s in the fridge” because that’s what I thought when it came time to make it!

2 1/2 oz cranberry juice
1 oz pomegranate juice
2 oz light rum

3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz cointreau
Dash orange bitters