Mixology Monday: Purple Prophet Cocktail


 I studied chemistry years ago. Many years ago. Two years into a chemistry degree I realized I was really crap at it. And I hated washing the graduate students’ labware. I switched to an arts major, but not before I attended a party or three that featured the classic science undergrad “cocktail,” the Purple Jesus, made with ethyl alcohol purloined by various conspirators from Dalhousie University chem labs in the week leading up to the party. The shame! 

Anyway, the Mixology Monday theme this month brought all of those long-buried memories rushing to the fore. Fellow Ontarian Whitney of the Tipicular Fixin’s blog, darn her, chose as the theme the “Drink of Shame.” 

We all made questionable drink choices in our past, the popular drinks from 1970 to the year 2000 were a cheap, sugary mess. Now is the time to resurrect your favourite drink from the time before modern Mixology. Give a new life to the drink… maybe you need to use fresh ingredients, or you can try elevating the spirits. Make everything from scratch or remove an offending ingredient. Do whatever you can to bring back and legitimize a drink you used to love.

Well, I can’t really say I loved the Purple Jesus of my chem lab days, but darn it, I am NOT ashamed of drinking Long Island Ice Teas, Tom Collinses (even made with powdered bar lime) or rye and gingers, so this is it. The drink that haunts my (admittedly fairly vague) memories of navigating the streets of Halifax in the wee hours, from various frat houses to my Fenwick Towers residence apartment, with an unladylike swagger. To make it vaguely acceptable I dumped the ethyl alcohol for a rather nice gin, and dumped the ginger ale and grape juice for a black cherry soda, added lemon juice to cut through the sweetness and blue curaçao because, well, it would not have been purple enough otherwise. And I put it in a wine glass, because I am a grown-up, dammit.

  • 2 oz Death’s Door gin
  • 1/4 oz blue curaçao
  • 1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice, fine strained
  • Black cherry cream soda

Shake the gin, blue curaçao and lemon juice well over ice and strain into an ice-filled wine glass. Top with black cherry cream soda (I used Saranac, but be warned, it is very sweet, so you may choose to increase the lemon juice, cut it with club soda, or find a less sweet option). Lightly stir to blend. Drink without shame. Note: you will still need to wash your glassware in the morning.

Here is the round-up of despicable drinks ameliorated!
Tipicular Fixins
Mixology Monday


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