Maple Cinnamon Sazerac

Maple Cinnamon Sazerac (April 21, 2013)

Adapted from who adapted theirs from Josh Cole, from a cocktail site that has since been taken over by a fundamentalist Christian church (it has the word “Assembly” in the name).

2 oz Alberta Premium 100% rye whisky
Dash Peychaud’s Bitters
1/4 oz maple liqueur
1/4 oz cinnamon simple syrup
Dash lemon bitters
Absinthe (to line chilled cocktail glass)

Recipe for cinnamon syrup at

Bourbon Alexander

Bourbon Alexander (4:00 DCT version – April 6, 2013)

I thought I was being clever, making a bourbon version of the classic Brandy Alexander. Not only was I far from the first to think of it, it turns out that I was not even the first to think of making it with vanilla ice cream (remembered from an old chef’s trick for making French Toast). As I was sitting down to congratulate myself with a first sip, I came across this article with Jonathan Lundy’s similar version, although I used Amaretto and he used Godiva’s. It just proves it is a good idea to substitute ice cream for heavy cream!

Makes 2

2 oz softened vanilla bean ice cream
2 oz whole milk
2 oz bourbon
1 oz Amaretto

Stir well together to make sure the ice cream has melted. Shake vigourously with ice. Strain into an ice-filled short glass.